Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why the "People of Wal-Mart" analogy is ridiculous.

I can't believe I'm even forced to address this. How in God's name can you compare to and Trisha Haas' blog?

Let's start with the basics shall we? POWM is meant to be a mean spirited and funny blog. They didn't start the blog to set an example, talk about their favorite tuna packets, give quaint anecdotes about what little Joey said to Santa when he was sitting on his lap. They quite simply started the blog as a bit of fun and others found it funny. They aren't out there pitching to sponsors and sponsors (most sponsors anyway) don't look to them to be role models or act as spokespeople for their products. Quite simply it's meant to be the ultimate in snark. However, even as low brow as their version of comedy is, even they have the decency to mask the identities of their targets, especially minors.

On the other hand, actively pitches sponsors, Trisha holds herself up as a model for the mommy blogging community and sponsors want to work with mommy bloggers for not only what societies preconceived notions of what a mom is (mom knows best and mom will never steer you wrong) and should be but because they also know, moms speak to other moms about what works for them.

The problem is, being a mean mommy is pretty much at odds as to what major corporations want in a spokes-mom. That's not to say a mom can't stand up for herself, or fight for what's right, or even lash out after having a bad experience whether it's at the mall or with a bottle of laundry detergent. However, when you delve into picking on children, people who look different than you, or picking on those who look different from what you're used to seeing in your small shitstick town it reeks of at best of jr. high school behavior and at worst intolerance and bigotry. Not really a good example for society at large much less mothers who are tasked with setting an example for their children, and if you have a popular parenting blog, for other moms out there.

On top of that, large corporations are interested in protecting their brands and when they have spokespeople that tarnish their brand then they typically jettison them off.

I do hope that clears up why the lunacy of this comparison is woefully inaccurate.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From the forum at drama(mom)

Blah, blah, blah.

I havent eaten in 4 days...maybe some chips and a glass a milk a day at the most. I have lost that pesky 5 pounds but not in a good way. I am fighting w/ my DH because i am so tired and hungry, but cant sleep or eat. He took us out to dinner and within 3 minutes of getting the food i was in the bathroom throwing it up.

I'm guessing you're fighting with your husband because he wants you to post an apology to end all of this. Wow, in the bathroom throwing up. Now you know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of your mean-spirited attacks.

im so sick of being judged. I preach and preach about being yourself but im thinking of taking it back. Dont be yourself, be whoever someone wants u to be and we can all be the same boring PR machine.

You're sick of being judged???? I have countless screen-shots of your posts that do nothing but judge others. If you don't friggin like it then don't do it to other people.

I cant put up pictures of charlotte, chris, myself or video without it being stolen. I cant put up shoutouts to bloggers w/o them being contacted and told not to talk to me. I am putting all of you at risk.

Oh please, no one cares about your family photos, they haven't been posted anywhere. However it's interesting how you're concerned about where photos of your family end up while you showed the families of those strangers you posted zero regard. And I can't even believe I am bothering to address this again but because there are no death threats no one is at risk.

i have some PR responsibilities but thats all im going to do. I have no idea if i will ever be the same person again because i only live in fear. I go between hope that the attorney will help and fear that i will have to mortgage my house to protect my blog.

The only thing you live in fear of is losing your sponsors. Please. There is no police report and if you had a lawyer I would have received a love note by now from him or her and this blog would have been removed. Also, no person in their right mind when given the choice between apologizing for something you did that was wrong and cruel or mortgaging your home would mortgage your home. Please.

I have already lost my christmas because all the money we had for it is now gone and then some. Charlottes only getting something because i have sams cards saved from that. And our families because of prizes i have won or reviews i have done.

See prior paragraph and substitute mortgaging home for paying for Christmas.

People are writing about me saying that its wrong that i have a subscription on my blog blah blah. I have it on there to keep people out and i thought it would be a great plugin to use. I am so sick of being judged, told what i can and cannot do w/ my own website, the "blogosphere" thinks it owns an interest in what you do online because they see your space, but they DONT.

See paragraph above that addresses being judged.

They dont know me, most have never met me, and most know nothing about me. But they have zero problems writing up a 2 page blog on why i am insincere and a terrible person because i blocked out my posts.

No, I have a 2 page blog not because you blocked your posts but because you wrote mean and horrible posts about underage teen girls complete with photos, orthodox jews, strangers in whirlpools, and the list goes on. Guess what, you've been cyber-bullying people for so long that it's finally caught up with you. I don't know you at all, I just know I've been the victim of people like you and decided to stand up. And when I stood up the others you've bullied in the past stood up, and others like me who wanted that anonymous 15 year old to have a voice stood up.

Seriously Trisha, have an Oprah moment would you? Learn from your mistakes. As opposed to crying about being the victim why not consider the feelings of all of the people you've victimized and apologize to them and explain to your readers why it's wrong to cyber-bully countless strangers. Why not seriously reflect upon your actions and how they affect others? If you really take the time to do that then you'll understand why the rest of us want a public apology, and if that apology comes this blog gets deleted. It's really that simple.