Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From the forum at drama(mom)

Blah, blah, blah.

I havent eaten in 4 days...maybe some chips and a glass a milk a day at the most. I have lost that pesky 5 pounds but not in a good way. I am fighting w/ my DH because i am so tired and hungry, but cant sleep or eat. He took us out to dinner and within 3 minutes of getting the food i was in the bathroom throwing it up.

I'm guessing you're fighting with your husband because he wants you to post an apology to end all of this. Wow, in the bathroom throwing up. Now you know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of your mean-spirited attacks.

im so sick of being judged. I preach and preach about being yourself but im thinking of taking it back. Dont be yourself, be whoever someone wants u to be and we can all be the same boring PR machine.

You're sick of being judged???? I have countless screen-shots of your posts that do nothing but judge others. If you don't friggin like it then don't do it to other people.

I cant put up pictures of charlotte, chris, myself or video without it being stolen. I cant put up shoutouts to bloggers w/o them being contacted and told not to talk to me. I am putting all of you at risk.

Oh please, no one cares about your family photos, they haven't been posted anywhere. However it's interesting how you're concerned about where photos of your family end up while you showed the families of those strangers you posted zero regard. And I can't even believe I am bothering to address this again but because there are no death threats no one is at risk.

i have some PR responsibilities but thats all im going to do. I have no idea if i will ever be the same person again because i only live in fear. I go between hope that the attorney will help and fear that i will have to mortgage my house to protect my blog.

The only thing you live in fear of is losing your sponsors. Please. There is no police report and if you had a lawyer I would have received a love note by now from him or her and this blog would have been removed. Also, no person in their right mind when given the choice between apologizing for something you did that was wrong and cruel or mortgaging your home would mortgage your home. Please.

I have already lost my christmas because all the money we had for it is now gone and then some. Charlottes only getting something because i have sams cards saved from that. And our families because of prizes i have won or reviews i have done.

See prior paragraph and substitute mortgaging home for paying for Christmas.

People are writing about me saying that its wrong that i have a subscription on my blog blah blah. I have it on there to keep people out and i thought it would be a great plugin to use. I am so sick of being judged, told what i can and cannot do w/ my own website, the "blogosphere" thinks it owns an interest in what you do online because they see your space, but they DONT.

See paragraph above that addresses being judged.

They dont know me, most have never met me, and most know nothing about me. But they have zero problems writing up a 2 page blog on why i am insincere and a terrible person because i blocked out my posts.

No, I have a 2 page blog not because you blocked your posts but because you wrote mean and horrible posts about underage teen girls complete with photos, orthodox jews, strangers in whirlpools, and the list goes on. Guess what, you've been cyber-bullying people for so long that it's finally caught up with you. I don't know you at all, I just know I've been the victim of people like you and decided to stand up. And when I stood up the others you've bullied in the past stood up, and others like me who wanted that anonymous 15 year old to have a voice stood up.

Seriously Trisha, have an Oprah moment would you? Learn from your mistakes. As opposed to crying about being the victim why not consider the feelings of all of the people you've victimized and apologize to them and explain to your readers why it's wrong to cyber-bully countless strangers. Why not seriously reflect upon your actions and how they affect others? If you really take the time to do that then you'll understand why the rest of us want a public apology, and if that apology comes this blog gets deleted. It's really that simple.


  1. you said it i couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. Wow she can dish it out but she can't take it. Imagine how much sleep that poor girl in the airport will lose if she finds that post. Imagine how much she will be throwing up. Karma is a real bitch...isn't it?

  3. You are still wrong; because you don't agree with her, you are threatening to continue the harassment until she changes into or what you think she should be. Move on. She will too.

    If enough people feel like you, the will quit reading her blog without being coerced into doing so. Her blog will fail with out readers.

    Find someone to love, a positive cause to support. Promote good things, not this!

  4. @scottschriscoricassicali

    Sorry, seems to me that taking the high road has only allowed her to get worse not better. At what point does live and let live devolve into let anyone do what they want without being accountable.

    You can think I am wrong, and I think you are wrong but at some point people need to stand up against people who treat innocents as less than everyone else.

    Actually you know what? You are wrong. It's not because I don't agree with her, she removed the blog so she must recognize on some level that it's wrong. it's about basic human decency and about others standing up for a 15 year old girl who had no voice in this until we all chose to speak on your behalf.

  5. I don't disagree with the post being in bad taste. I doubt there is anyone out there who does.

    But encouraging others to be rude and mean. Not so great either. Making lists of people and encouraging others to 'blackllist' them too. Not so great.

    The fact is, if you were reading Trisha's blog in the past, there have been many inappropriate, questionable, rude, mean, bully-type post there in the past. Why now?

    Stating, which you clearly do above, do what I want, and I will stop doing what I'm doing, is just as wrong. Just not to a 15 year old. And in this case, doing it to someone who is clearly seeing, hearing and feeling the affects of those threats unlike the anonymous girl in the picture.

    I think it is perfectly acceptable for people to disagree. But it is clear, there will be no winner here. You may feel like you are or will be, but it will come at a cost. Sometime or another, just as hers would have with or with your mean-spirited blog against her.

    None of it is good or right. And in the end, the only person any of us really has the right to judge is ourselves.

    The people writing encouraging such meanness here should look inward as much as they are looking down on her.

  6. I haven't encouraged anyone to be rude and mean in this blog. Quite the contrary I have encouraged people to contact sponsors, PR companies, sign the petition and have stated quite clearly her any family and personal issues are off limits.

    The point is that the affects be seen, heard, & felt.

    As for why now? I wasn't joking when I said I wasn't a blogger, or a mother. I'd never heard of her or her site until that post with the 15 year old girl in it. It may have been OK with the rest of the bloggers that she behaved that way but people out in the real world feel otherwise.

    I never said there was a winner here. It's a shame someone like me has to start a blog like this to simply get someone to do what's right but that's what it's come to. She wouldn't have removed that post if people hadn't forced her to. People have the right to have their opinions, she expressed hers and I'm expressing mine.

  7. Today I visited a commenters site who's name is on your LIST because she didn't write an damning remark to that post. Because of OPINION, she is on a DO NOT SUPPORT OR VISIT list. That is mean spirited, and rude.

    And when she tried to defend her opinion one of your supporters even went so far as to make sure she went and found a long-past comment she felt was wrong for a 'good' blogger to make. That is a mission my friend. And not a good one.

    It doesn't take long to get the focus of this blog. It's about judging or deeming who is worthy and who isn't.

    That is personal. It is derogatory. It is harassment(bullying) and mostly it is mean.

    You are right. You made your point, days ago. Now let it go. Trisha gets it and I strongly doubt she will make the same mistake again. It's time to move on and do something wonderful instead of so negative.

    *For the record, I don't know her, only read her blog occasionally, do think she is pretty frank which I enjoy, think she is sometimes rude, which I don't enjoy and oddly enough have even been blocked (I think) from her website. Which I find sad because I am certain it is out of fear that I may be one of you???
    Doesn't that make you feel better. (In case you didn't feel it, said with COMPLETE sarcasm!)

  8. I didn't tell anyone to go and post on anyone elses site. That's not my mission and you won't find it here. Suddenly I'm accountable for the behavior of other people who feel the same way as I do? Sorry, I also enjoy LOST, am I accountable for the behavior everyone who enjoys LOST as well?

    Yes, and her countless posts and blogs have been personal, derogatory, bullying, and mostly mean. And no amount of reason has apparently stopped her in the past which is why I suppose it took an outsider to stand up to her.

    Does Trisha get it? Seems to me that pity post is not about self reflection but about simply feeling sorry for herself. I wasn't kidding about her having an Oprah moment. I saw this explained in another blog. If a schoolyard bully ransacks the playground for years without someone standing up to him then suddenly all of the kids start punching him back, that bully will probably think again before he does it to anyone else.

    Sadly, in this case, the bully seems more interested in playing the victim rather than considering how her actions may affect someone else and that's not my problem.

  9. let it go?
    Did she ever, in her 1 YEAR on momdot
    (yep, in the way she talks, you'd think she invented the internet. but, it's only a year old!)...did she EVER let anything go?
    If what you do gets you sent a hate email, you have NO RIGHT to publish people's IP addresses or publish pictures of their house on your blog.
    C'Mon! How do you think that person felt having their house displayed all over your blog?

    Wanna talk about respect?

    let it go....what, so we can take bets on when she'll attack another passing-by blogger, 15 year old child or man with a Mohawk?!

    Nope - she has gone on long enough, she has to be brought down to the level that she put herself into.
    She claimed to be so high on a pedestal, and treated so many others with disrespect.

    Face the ugly truth Tricia, of what people really think of you - especially in your 'supportive forums'
    (Bwahhhhaaaaa, I am loving that!)

    Karma's a bitch, ain't it!

    Awe, Tricia - you lost 5 pounds
    So, would you still rather have Cancer?
    You poor thing!


  10. You asked for names of blogs who should be put on your 'list'. Inviting others with an agenda (possibly different ones) to add names to it. Then when a person asked to be removed, they were kept there because of a non-committal comment. Then the person who suggested this blogger followed it with, something along the lines of 'whatever-she should stay on the list' and so it is. And for what reason? Because she didn't trash Trisha?

    At this point, like it or not, your blog is no longer just about MomDot. You are affecting a LOT of lives here all because they gave an opinion and now some of your followers don't like those opinions.

    You ARE accountable for that. If you have an agenda for Trisha, so be it. You have a strong opinion but bringing so many other people into it because they don't feel as strongly as you is MEAN!

    I challenge you to remove your LIST and all reference to it. That would be kind and the right thing to do.

    I haven't been reading Trisha's 'pity-party', I can't. Ironic I'd say. And if she is feeling sorry for herself, then she will definitely think about her posts from here on out. And if not, hopefully those people who find those posts offensive and mean will leave and not read them. That is what I do everyday, when I read anyone's blog. If I like the message I stick around and read it, if not, I don't. Pretty simple. I may even comment and engage in a discussion but I dang sure don't start a website in an attempt to ruin someone's life.

    I wish you would have felt the same about the lovely single Dad who commented about girls in thongs. And how it is perfectly acceptable to watch his 7 and 9 year old daughters run around the house in those and a t-shirt. Is there a website out there about him too? Because somebody dang sure needs to protect those kids.

    You are responsible for the content of this blog. I hope you see that and how it is affecting more than just your TARGET!

  11. Anonymous makes my point loud and clear. There is an agenda here, even if it isn't all your own. (trisha needs a nose job)The hatefulness is growing. :( And it isn't a good thing.

  12. Awe, suck it up.
    You are only as good as the company you keep...

  13. suck it up sweet trisha a dose of your own medicine.

    she does need a nose job if i were her i would aim for the nose job before i went to get those teeth fixed. hatefulness is not growing its just how she has made others feel. and finally someone had the balls to call her out
    how about the blog her and her cronies reported as 'abuse' and its not up - what about that

  14. No, I was asked to post a list of other bloggers who were supportive of that specific mean spirited post. Another blogger put the list together and asked me to post it. Not my problem, if they have a problem with it they are welcome to DM me.

    You challenge me to remove my list why? Sorry, no reason to. It's sort of like saying I want to boycott all cocoa beans then continuing to enjoy chocolate bars. It makes no sense.

    This is well beyond "my agenda" if she hadn't hurt so many people in the past there wouldn't be SO MANY people visiting this blog to tell their own stories and visiting here SO angry.

    Sorry, if there was nothing wrong with what she posted why would anyone have issue being associated with you?

    Speaking of, if you were banned you forgot to take your momdot button off your site.

    I'm not trying to ruin anyone's life, I'm merely posting some of it and comment on it. Unfortunately she's ruined her own by posting that garbage and hurting countless numbers of people. Again, not my problem.

    And if you don't like the message here, you're don't have to read it.

  15. Hey ScottChrisCassiCali, dont worry about it.

    Like trisha has said its all lies and libel, so she HAS her law team on it. All she has to do is follow through with her threats, and according to her she is in the right and it will be shown in court (if it will even go there) but if she cant furnish a legal team to prove EVERYONE (and I also mean people who dont even know anyone who has been directly involved/affected by this, and those who are victims of her) that she did nothing wrong and it is everyone else fault. Otherwise if it did go to court, all the stories about her would be gathered to show that she has caused all this herself.

    If she cant then she should follow the advice of her nose and apologize and maybe try and learn and pull something away from all this.

    She keeps on trying to make it out that everyone should forget everything so trisha can have a good week. Well she should have thought about that many years ago before she started treating people like shit.

    Anyways, like she has told everyone who doesnt care for her, if you dont like this blog dont read it. Maybe since you think she has a valid point and should be given a pass, take her advice and read something else.

    Thanks and have a good day, and dont let this get to you. It seems like the only people upset about everything that has transpired is trisha and her loyal supporters and those who keep saying things behind the scene who are causing the real drama. I am fine, Kristin is fine, and anyone else who has voiced their selves are fine. No one has made up lies or as she says created slander or libel about her. Even in court all the screen shots, post, chat etc would hold up as evidence in a court of law. That is why trisha's nose wants to be contacted by trisha's lawyers. Also if court did come up, ISP's and chat sites would be issued subpeonas to gain all deleted records from all parties involved. And that would divulge even more facts.

    Anyways, like I said dont get all worked up about it.

  16. Ruining peoples lives? Are you kidding me? They are BLOGS- not lives. If these mommy bloggers lives are ruined because some people choose not to support them, they need to seriously step away from the computer and get a real life, with their families some of them are so quick to pimp out for free crap.

    From reading here and OLS I see that there are some truly wonderful bloggers out there, but there are also a lot of not so nice ones that need to spend some more time in the real world. That has been Trisha's problem from the start, before momdot even. The safety of the internet makes her feel like big sh*t, but she cannot handle the real world and the consequences that come with her actions.

  17. Well, I shall go, and let you all wallow in your hatred. I am sure you will flourish and prosper.

    The reason I have her button on my blog was to continue to read it. I thought I would continue to have access with it.

    I said clearly, (I think) because when I try to visit the site I get an error message saying forbidden. Not being real internet savvy, I am assuming I have been blocked but not sure. Hence the, 'I think'.

    I do wish for you that you ALL find happiness, somewhere although it appears to me that you find it at others' expense. Which is why you have your little list and allow others with agendas other than your supposed mission to add to it. This blog is essentially a cover to get revenge on those whove pissed you off some time or another. Funny, for your harsh words and strong stands there are so many that wish to remain anonymous. Your so worried about retaliation? Really, I can't imagine why.
    And if you are worried (which I've read often here) about being removed from her accepted readers, why? You hate her. Could it be you want to continue to read there to continue to have something to complain about. She mentions being controversial often, I guess that part works for you.

    It is also clear that some of you harbor long time dislike for Trisha and your agenda here is to "get the bitch back" so to speak. It is so very clear.

    I neither support or not support Trisha but I don't support revenge.

    Good luck and I hope you find peace very soon because this kind of stuff eats you inside and I ma guessing by not your insides are rotting away.

  18. Just like Trisha feels she is entitled to share IP addresses of bloggers/sweepers. Then we are entitled to know and share who supported her in the Airport Post and who is comtinuing to stand by her. After reading the Airposrt Post regardless if I was her member and needed her for PR I would simply leave her forum and find somewhere else. Her post is mean spirited and now looking back at other posts like the Thong and Cancer comment it seems like most of what she blogs is hatefulness that she carries in her heart.

    Nobody is trying to ruin anyones life here. The only person I saw ruining lives was Trisha's by posting pics of unsuspecting people just to mock them on her blog.

    Family companies should not be sponsoring HATE blogs plain and simple and if they want to continue sponsoring her despite being warned of the evilness she has imposed then shame on them. Those companies should also get posted for others to see who is supporting her bad behavior. If she wants to keep this her own personal blog she can talk about whatever her fanny desires, but since it is sponsored by reputable brands they ought to know the bad PR they are receiving.

    After reading that post she ranted about ...sadly, I cannot find sympathy for her. She has not apologized for her actions. She is trying to spin this so others can pity poor her. She cannot post pictures of her child ....nobody is stealing pictures of her family. Then she said her Chirstmas is all gone and can't give her child presents only from the Sam's giftcards. Supposedly she get 75 review offers a day. Come you can't set aside some gifts for your child. There are children that have it way worse and don't even receive a Christmas gift and their parents have to rely on Toys for Tots and other charity. Atleast you have those Sam's giftcards since Sam's Club is sponsoring your bad behavior. Which is mostly everyones argument on here. Issue an apology, quit cyber-bullying people, if you don't want to change or apologize well then we are entitled to tell your sponsors why we deem your blog unethical.

  19. I just found this post by her talking shit about an another brand. Anyone think because PR companies might not want to work with her after all is said and done she will try and threatened the PR companies. Should they get scared?

    She and some of her close friends seem to have a knack for picking on different companies. She will do a post on it and her friends will also do a post on it. Shoot, they even bully brands. BOOOOO!
    or for people blocked cached here by google

  20. @ScottChrisCoriCassiCali Sorry to break it to you, I sleep pretty well at night. Contrary to what you think I don't hate her. I just don't like what she posts. If I hated her an apology to the 15 year old girl wouldn't be enough to pull down this blog. So no, I'm not wallowing in hate, I don't have a hidden agenda I just want a 31 year old woman to apologize for cyber-bullying a teen. That simple. I can't speak for others, I think they are living their revenge vicariously through me but that's not my agenda.

    And yes, many here are worried about retaliation and I don't blame them one single bit.

  21. regarding the anon post with this cached link:

    WOW - is someone allowed to copy and publish someone's business card, with phone number, without his permission? I know you can hand them out, but does that give you distribution rights?
    There HAS to be a law broken here.
    If I were him I would sue her ass.
    Gee - there's plenty that could have a piece of her in court, isn't there?
    just wow...

    Wonder if this man lost business because of this, causing his kids to have a 'lack of Christmas'? Wonder if he has a few Sam's cards, just in case?

    just wow....does Tricia Have ANY tact at all?

    Anyone have tricia's business card which we can post, circle and write, 'worst blogger EVER?'

    you know, if some people think that 'this one incident' is being blown out of proportion, (yet they don't realize that it's more than one incident) ask yourself this:
    did this guy deserve to have that post written about him over one incident?

    And before you say, it's his job to be professional etc...think first, is that not Tricias 'job' as well?

  22. Hey Anon contact Sleep Number with the Google Cache. Just go to their site and send them an email with the link. I am sure they have lawyers represeting there brand if she did naything illegal they will have at her. I just dropped them a friendly email with the google cache link. I feel bad for that Manager as well. And what is up with her statement what do you have to do to be a manager? Speak English. Her racism just reeks in her posts. So suprised companies have not seen the bad PR that is attached to her name.

  23. Another blog on Trisha

  24. Ironic that she wrote this in her sleep number post.

    "Now let me ask you, should a company be held responsible for its employees actions? I know I am held responsible for mine on the blog. If I blast someone or something or use some sort of language that a company judges me over, I lose my business with them. If I have an opinion on something that a visitor doesn’t like, I run the risk of them never visiting me again.

    I say yes, they are indeed responsible."

  25. The sleep number thing was not bad. It was based on a personal experience she had at that store because she was going to buy it..not review it. I don't blame Trisha for being pissed.

    Oh and I sleep better now that I said something on my blog lol..(I have a Tempurpedic lol)

    I think the thing we have to remember is to not be petty and cruel. Some of these anon's are. Tit for Tat just makes you look like a moron anyway.

  26. Are you kidding me? Really? You're going to pick on this blogger for a few distasteful posts? Head over to Everyone thinks that blog is hilarious for doing the same thing. There are actually lots and lots of blogs just like that with similar posts making fun of people. Why don't you go crazy on them? Obviously whoever is behind THIS blog is trying to get back at Trisha for something. Or maybe they are jealous her blog has more traffic and they're trying to cut out the competition. Geesh, step down from your high horse! I've seen tweet after tweet and post after post from you and your "supporters" which is definitely the definition of cyber bullying! Much worse than anything she has posted on her blog.

    And this is funny...."Suddenly I'm accountable for the behavior of other people who feel the same way as I do? Sorry, I also enjoy LOST, am I accountable for the behavior everyone who enjoys LOST as well?" EXACTLY why your list of "supporters of the airport post" is ridiculous! Those bloggers are not accountable for anything Trisha posts on her blog just because they are members of momdot. I have gone over those comments and half of the bloggers you still have listed did NOT comment on that post or they commented that they thought the post was wrong. If you really practiced what you preached, you would take that list down and leave them out of it!

  27. oh wow...justifying what she did much? come was wrong...and mean.

    I think the person is quite clear in that she doesn't have a vendetta agaist Trisha.

  28. I just looked at the blog, people of Walmart. And well they are doing the same thing Trisha did, (but they block out faces of minors)and people seem to love there site. Hmm makes you think,as we all can see nothing is going to happen to her(losing her sponsors) so maybe we should all just move on and let her be..

  29. "Hmm makes you think,as we all can see nothing is going to happen to her(losing her sponsors) so maybe we should all just move on and let her be.."

    Hmmm makes one think that comments like your are coming here to try and make this post out to be uncivil. She has blocked her site and gone into seclusion, seems a little guilty.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. People What you are not getting is this is not a "I Hate Trisha" fest. THNNJ is right, this is about accountability, responsibility, OWNING UP, GROWING A SET, and if you come here personally attacking you get no where. Focus on her behavior, it sucks, her posts are high school (at best). The detail about the picture is she did not black out faces, made herself look to be a bigoted ass with her comments, and seriously...the People of Walmart is a PUBLIC place....(private by Wal-Mart standards) but hey...Wal-Mart loves the PR so they probably allow it because of the trademark and copyright usage. But the pics Trisha posted...were on private property, possibly federal...making those photos..WRONG! Not to mention the burning smell of minutiae coming from the "It's my blog, don't show up, that simple" that she always puts out.

    Probably a good thing she is feeling ill....guilt is a nasty monster.

  32. MAC Mom said...

    Hey Anon contact Sleep Number with the Google Cache. Just go to their site and send them an email with the link. I am sure they have lawyers represeting there brand if she did naything illegal they will have at her. I just dropped them a friendly email with the google cache link. I feel bad for that Manager as well. And what is up with her statement what do you have to do to be a manager? Speak English. Her racism just reeks in her posts. So suprised companies have not seen the bad PR that is attached to her name.

    WHAT? She said that? I didnt not even read that post. I will now.

    My father is Mexican, my mom is caucasian white American, and there is no reason ANYONE, even a mom, needs to talk about people like that. She just dont care. If someone doesn't not speak "english" good enough for her, they do not know it. She bullies people in text without a pic. She will paint it out for you. Everyday is something new.

  33. Not that bad...but she could say whatever with that. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a problem with minorities. I will shut up now.

  34. For those saying to contact sleep number...if you read a few comments down you will see a representative from the company posted there. They are aware of it.

  35. She also looks down on sales people, which I find hilarious because technically she has family members who work in sales (I will not get specific and personal and say who though) and she brags about how successful this family member is...hmmmm. And perfect example of how often she lies- first she mentions having to go into credit card debt for a new bed. Then, she's bragging that they walked into Sleep Number with $3000 cash in hand. She is just full of contradictions.

  36. She isn't racist, her post was about the poor customer service she received. There are blogs EVERYWHERE about people disgusted with poor customer service. She is also super sarcastic, that is obvious. When she stated "what do you have to do to be a manager, speak english?" she was saying that this person obviously had zero customer service skills - something super important to have as a manager. If you don't have customer service skills then why are you a manager?

    Can you all do me a favor? Since you are so bent on this mission to be the voice for minorities and underage children that Trisha supposedly bullies, can you also make it a priority to shut down ? Seriously!! Doesn't that site enrage you? It is a million times worse than Trishas! Sure, they put a tiny black rectangle on someone's face, but not all the time- have you seen the children on that site? Not blurred at all. It is outrageous how mean people are on there. How do we get that site shut down? how do we remove their sponsors?

  37. People of walmart is a disgusting site but they aren't marketing themselves as a "mommy blogger" and doing product reviews as the voice of the average mother/wife...apples and oranges.

  38. I just looked at people of walmart. It is quite obvious that a lot of these people are mentally ill. Or just live different kinds of lives.

    Fat people are easy targets...I am one of them.

    I actually came on here to ask for some prayers for my stepson James (some of you may know he is terminally ill) he really could use your support.

    I wrote about his situation on my blog.

  39. I had no idea about the People of Walamrt site. But funnmy thing is they are not Mommy Bloggers and are not sponsored by Sam's Club. I don't believe that People of Walmart received gift cards in exchange for reviews and hold contests on their site.

    Mommy Bloggers should be very concerned over Trisha's bad PR she is giving others. Companies are noticing this and are going to sway away from having bloggers review their products. Sadly, one bad apple does spoil the bunch here. In her Target post, they declined her Mommy Blogger offer. Then I emailed Target just for their input on the post. And they contacted me back that they have no intentions on using Mom Blogger for reviews. Someone might come with the Christmas Wrap blog defense that they have going on now. BUt that is not the same as blog reviews like Walamart is doing.

    Trisha's bad PR ways are going to affect a whole lot of people in the long run. Companies are being contacted about her bad press and this will affect other Mom Bloggers.

  40. FYI above Target has said for a very long time that they do not want to use bloggers. NOT because of Trisha but because it's not their marketing strategy.

    Also, I do believe the fighting and bickering, backstabbing and harrassment IS what will be the downfall of the "review" blogger. Do you really think a marketing exec has to deal with this much drama when they work with traditional media? I'm so certain NOT. They don't care about your personal lives and who was mean to whom. They are worried about making their CLIENT happy and promoting their products effectively. The rest is a headache not worth dealing with.

  41. Well there is a difference between a mom blogger, a review blogger, and a blogger who has cheated to get themselves ahead claiming to be a mommy REVIEW blogger who can help the world become a better place. And on top of that trisha does not say who is what role.

    Everyone has a mind for themselves. More should blog about this whole issue. Maybe the author should make a running post with all the links linking to this subject and issue.

    I don't think this will change too much except for brands and PR reps making sure people are a little more genuine than they say. Not just go off of what some comments on some biased blogs say.

  42. I totally agree with Ivy. You all stood up for the girl, contacted her sponsors and signed your petition (which wasn't very professional with WTF in it, great job!) What else is there to do? Are you trying to get her to stay off the internet? Is it your goal to drive away all of her followers and ruin her presence online? You keep saying this blog is not about hate or tit for tat - so please in your next post organize yourself with some non-hateful goals.

  43. FYI - If you go back and read the petition you'll see that the "WTF" was written by Trisha Haas, it's in the quote from her Airport People post.

  44. Cool, I rule the world.


    I guess Momdot is not scared of her stalkers since she is posting her address for the world to see. How many people fell for it while she said it? I am scared PLEASE show me attention. Oh now I have attention, back to the same ole routine. Who will be next in the Momdot crosshairs?

  46. Hey.....Good Maintaining it's cool blog nice post and comments are awesome in this blog...NICE!!

  47. I am 28 years old. I live in southern California. I come to Louisiana to visit my 2 year old niece as much as I can - I love her dearly. My older sister is an incredible mother. I had never heard of "momdot" or this repulsive existence of a woman called Trish Haas until just a couple days ago.

    I wouldn't consider this "woman" to be a human being - she doesn't qualify.

    She took my baby nieces photo, posted it on her website, and riled up all these other "women" that have pathetic existences to leave negative comments. But, it doesn't stop there. All of the posts "await moderation approval" - meaning this sad woman sifts through the posts only allowing the negative through.

    I found this website and all I can say is "wow". Whoever runs this page send me an email to . I'd like to get on this wagon to expose her for who she really is.