Monday, November 30, 2009

How very peculiar.

Why is it that someone who's hired her own crack team of lawyers (and met with them on a Sunday over a holiday weekend no less) would need to post a request on a source list for reporters today looking for lawyers specializing in cyber-bullying?

46)Summary: CyberStalking Victoms/Advocates Needed

Name: Trisha Haas

Category: Technology



Media Outlet: blogger

Specific Geographic Region: N


Deadline: 05:12pm EASTERN - 01 December


We are looking for victims (they can be anonymous) of cyberstalking to tell
their stories of being attacked by one or more people. Did you receive help with the law? Did you hire a lawyer? Did it end or is it ongoing? How did it make you feel and how do you feel about the laws on cyberstalking?

For advocates against it, we are looking to interview groups or lawyers about cyber harassment/stalking laws and ways to help out
victims online. We are especially interested in how it relates to bloggers that may come under fire for posts.

We are writing several articles.
Over the phone interviews also welcome.

Now a woman who is an advocate and specialist in cyber-bullying reached out to momdot to talk about it and she said she never got a response.

Now, if you hired a team of lawyers why wouldn't you interview your own attorneys? Oh, by the way, still waiting on that love note from that team of lawyers.


  1. How do you find this stuff lol...

    I signed the petition.

    I was thinking of making a button against cyber bullying but I don't know how..maybe its time to figure that out. Do you think people would want one for blogs?

  2. Two things come to mind. First, she actually did talk to an attorney (maybe on her way home from the police this morning?) and was advised to apologize and then do a series of articles on cyber-bullying to help raise awareness. The second thing is that she's now going to try to claim that her Airport People post was an experiment in preparation for a series of cyber-bullying posts. In any case, it looks like she's now back pedalling as fast as she can.

    Since today was the first day after a holiday weekend I bet that a lot of sponsors/PR people came in to find emails and voice messages about this. She's probably already been contacted by some, and after the rest consult with their legal teams (the real kind, not the imaginary ones) she'll be hearing from more. She's now realizing that this is serious and it's not going to blow over. Time will tell how graciously she'll handle it (the smart money is on "not well").

  3. Good point. And no I did not write that.

  4. If you are right, she is not following the advice of her "legal team." According to her, she is the victim and deserves an apology and in her eyes justice. She should save her money on her top ace lawyers and just use civil court for defamation or libel, slander, what else?

    Civil court is like $100 to file, compared to $200 an hour for each attorney. Hopefully she hasn't wasted too much on her "legal team."

    Lets think in La La land, I am sure if she could actually get her "legal team" to take this to court there would be a lawyer out there would take this case pro bono for the defendant, and collect their fees from the a verdict in favor of the defense. So Trisha will owe a lot of money, but she has those member fee and paid subscriptions, and she can sell her reviews that she get. Go tean Momdot!

  5. Also what is the website where that is posted? Where is she asking for help?

  6. Looks to me like she's asking for help from HARO aka Help A Reporter Out, which is like the mecca of places to get ppeole to help journalists write articles.

  7. I agree with you that she wants to be the victim, but I also think she's in damage control mode. The links to the petition, her posts, pictures, etc. are so widespread that she's not going to bluster her way through this. I also think that she has a lawyer as much as I believe she's gone to the police over the death threats. As mentioned, lawyers are expensive and she has no case. However, if one or more of her victims were to sue for slander/libel she better get a good team because there's too much proof against her and others.

    As far as her request goes, what do you think would happen if some of her victims responded, anonymously or not? Would she have the cajones to use their stories (assuming that she's actually going to follow through on her series of articles)?

  8. I cannot tell you how moronic i feel for lending her support when I thought she was getting death threats...


  9. By the was this is a federal case not a local case, county or state...basic business law lol..


    I was also the person who told her to blot out the glamour magazine does.

    Then she starts ranting on the forum that she is not going to blot the faces out...she reference Perez Hilton showing off Demi Moore's daughter's boobs.

    I said major publications do that and I didn't think that Perez Hilton was anyone she should compare herself too. BUT SHE DELETED IT.

  10. And they don't attack people who disagree with them? Dear Gosh!

  11. Yes it is interstate not intrastate, but I think she could still file civil in a district court? Maybe she should call Judge Judy, or maybe I should call Judge Judy on for her post on me (which she wont say my name):

    Here is my response to her lies with FACTS:

    We all need to get in touch of some REAL reporters (not bloggers who work with brands) who want a good story, there is a LOT here to work with, and she is a somewhat big name due to her SEO tactics and following, and of course her Alexa ranking which may have been set based on her buying of traffic. Let the reporter, an un-biased party decide who is the bully(s).

    There is 250 signers of the petition, and I am sure they were unbiased before the facts. Shit some were biased in favor of momdot, and after seeing the facts changed their mind (good to know some still have a conscious.)

    Maybe she learned her lesson to not buy traffic from someone that could be linked back to her.

  12. CaseyDeuce, you have a link to that HARO link, for reference and to contact them?

  13. Christine; I made sure I'm following your blog. I try to go support any blogs that have removed themselves from MomDot.

    P.S. I also e-mailed you ^_^

  14. Here is the deal the way I see it with the airport pics....she was NO LONGER in a public facility when she took those photos. WHY? Well because when you pass the TSA you are now considered on federal property or at best private property of the jurisdiction to which the airport is located. So pics that Perez Hilton posted of someone's boob...well that photo was free game IF, taken on public property. So looks like Trisha is working on the trifecta of federal NO NO's not just offending a gaggle of mom's by saying she was "fat."

    Christine, I do not think anyone here thinks badly of you. I think so many Trisha followers and friends are clearly misinformed. No one here holds judgment, I know I don't.

  15. I posted my opinion about this:

  16. I was bullied by her. She is not the victim, we are the victims.

  17. "I was bullied by her. She is not the victim, we are the victims."

    Kind of hearsay, you should say who you are. Sorry not trying to pick on you.

  18. She has no suit. Plain and simple.

  19. I am not saying who I am because I never want to go through that again. We all know she is reading this blog and trying to find out who is saying what. Why would I put myself out there again for her to make my life a living hell?
    I am scared to even visit her blog for fear that my new IP address will be passed around again to other bloggers like it was in the past.

  20. I have also been bullied by her and will not post my name simply because I dealt with her abuse online for years off and on and I will not go through that again. The crazed emails from her, etc. Back when she just had a forum, she would hold your friendships with other members over your head to keep you from calling her on crap or disagreeing with her. She likes to punish people by deleting them and manipulating mutual friends into ostracizing the person. Now that she's a in the catty world of mom bloggers she's doing the same thing on a much larger scale. But, I am not a mommy blogger or a blogger at all so I have nothing to gain or lose other than wanting to expose the ruth about her and maybe even save someone else the irritation of dealing with her.

  21. There is no reason to put your name up here if you dont want to.

    I'm sorry you had to go through this.


    I have nothing to lose at all. I very rarely do product reviews. I just like talking to different people. I cook or bake. She can do whatever she wants on my blog she is just going to look like more of an ass than she already is.

    Quote me self worth isn't connected to my alexa score lol.

    I have already established myself in the area where I blog.

    I will happily bear the burden for you ladies who cannot.

  22. LOL. Good for you. :)

  23. she posted this on the forum... pleazzzze...

    I havent eaten in 4 days...maybe some chips and a glass a milk a day at the most. I have lost that pesky 5 pounds but not in a good way. I am fighting w/ my DH because i am so tired and hungry, but cant sleep or eat. He took us out to dinner and within 3 minutes of getting the food i was in the bathroom throwing it up.

    im so sick of being judged. I preach and preach about being yourself but im thinking of taking it back. Dont be yourself, be whoever someone wants u to be and we can all be the same boring PR machine.

    I cant put up pictures of charlotte, chris, myself or video without it being stolen. I cant put up shoutouts to bloggers w/o them being contacted and told not to talk to me. I am putting all of you at risk.

    i have some PR responsibilities but thats all im going to do. I have no idea if i will ever be the same person again because i only live in fear. I go between hope that the attorney will help and fear that i will have to mortgage my house to protect my blog.

    I have already lost my christmas because all the money we had for it is now gone and then some. Charlottes only getting something because i have sams cards saved from that. And our families because of prizes i have won or reviews i have done.

    I dont want to do games on the blog and people think i just quit the contests.

    People are writing about me saying that its wrong that i have a subscription on my blog blah blah. I have it on there to keep people out and i thought it would be a great plugin to use. I am so sick of being judged, told what i can and cannot do w/ my own website, the "blogosphere" thinks it owns an interest in what you do online because they see your space, but they DONT.

    They dont know me, most have never met me, and most know nothing about me. But they have zero problems writing up a 2 page blog on why i am insincere and a terrible person because i blocked out my posts.

    ill just be here when i can supporting your posts and providing content for you to answer when you are bored.

  24. I find it difficult to have sympathy for someone who has a section titled "Controversy," on their blog. Apparently, controversy is cool when it hurts other people, but not when Trisha is at the center of it.

    Let me ask you this. Why do you think there are so many people ready to come out of the woodwork and speak out against Trisha's bad behavior? And if anyone says "jealousy" I'll hurl on myself. This woman has burned so many bridges, she's stranded on an island of her own nastiness.

    She has done so many cruel, self-serving things, both on her blog and behind the scenes, that she deserves whatever she gets.

    And, for the record, if that had been a picture of my kid on her blog, she'd need to get more than her teeth fixed.

  25. Same song, different day...and different forum. she used to do this on her mommy forum when things didn't go her way. It's all a ploy for attention and sympathy. Now everyone is supposed to chime in and beg her not to leave, blah blah blah. And I bet some of the butt kissers did just that. She will never change or learn from anything.

  26. So...any one hear back from the sponsors that were emailed?? I called WalMart on friday and they were very happy that I did.

  27. Apparently we can't write on our own blogs that we disagree with her lol.

    Duh trisha duh.

  28. And further more.....

    Its funny that she says she lost sleep...hmm..that was in my 2 page blog post I did about it.

    Instead of talking to us like email is public by the way....she posts it in her forums lol.........................barf

  29. Wow she can dish it out but she can't take it. Imagine how much sleep that poor girl in the airport will lose if she finds that post. Imagine how much she will throw up. Karma is a real bitch...isn't it?

  30. Someone asked for the HARO link--

  31. I can't believe she tried to compare posting the pic of that girl to Perez Hilton posting pics of celebrities. There is a HUGE difference between the two. Celebrities are in the public eye and know that they could be photographed and commented on anytime they are out in public. This girl was just some kid from anywhere USA who had no reason to believe she would be photographed or insulted the way she was.

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