Monday, November 30, 2009

Bloggers supporting that unpleasant post.

Another mommy blogger was kind enough to go through the responses left on the "(fat)AirportPeople" blog and pull out those who are publicly supporting this post. For you mommy bloggers and sweepstakes folks here's a good list of blogs to avoid. Please post in the comments if you have additions or if you have reason that your blog should be removed.

The Morris Bunch
Mommy Goggles
3 Kids and Us
Southern Bellas Way to Save
Riding with Jessica
Simply Being Mommy
Is it Monday Already?
My Silly Monkeys
Moody Mama Says
The Not so Blog

Kindred Spirits Thoughts


  1. This list is not accurate. I looked at the post myself and some of these blogs did not comment at all. Others were NOT in support of the post. You need to check again.

  2. Then please correct it, you either need to do so in this thread or DM me via twitter. I will happily update it.

  3. You should add the Momdot Mafie listing. Someone has the screenshot of the "Momdot Mafia" MAFIA?

    Since she likes to use definitions soo much, look up the meaning of mafia. I dont think she was using it in the Italy way either.

    There are some more you should add. Check

    Not all on the list may even know both sides, but many on that list are backing Momdot on her Cyber Bully Martyr mission. We need some media experts fond of this issus to chime in.

  4. Funny how someone will comment annonymously that the list is not accurate yet they won't out themselves. What is Trisha going to ban you from MomDot and no more PR and free diapers? If you don't belong on the list then come out and say it. If not go hide behind your den mother because you have lost your "Mommy Morals"

  5. if they want off make them post here in public

  6. I was the one who posted that comment and I'm not on that list! I just checked the original airport post to see what THESE bloggers had said to make them "avoidable" and I noticed a few bloggers never even commented on that post. A couple more flat out said they didn't agree with the post. You can check for yourself! So, I'm wondering what these bloggers did to be singled out? Doesn't make sense to me. I will not be avoiding them just because they may be connected some way with momdot. That is like saying you agree with everything any blogger says that you have ever commented on or joined or linked to. That's INSANE!

  7. I took this list and went to the original post to make sure I was unfollowing the right people. Many of these bloggers never commented on the airport people post. Also, many of these people have posted publicly how they didn't agree with that post.

    How can we trust you if you don't bother to do your research and be accurate with the info you're spreading?

  8. Again, please provide links/blogs of people that didn't agree with them. I was provided this list by another blogger and haven't had the time to go back and go through every screenshot I have and each blog. Listen, I also understand if you don't want to post publicly in this thread. I get it. Just DM me on twitter and I will keep it confidential but still pull the name from the list. OK? I don't want to unfairly single any one person or blog out.

  9. You have my blog on that list and I have never even read that post, let alone commented on it.
    I highly suggest that you check your sources again!!
    Remove my name from this list it is wrong, inaccurate and you are putting a bad name to bloggers who have nothing to do with this.

  10. @mamamichie, I will check with the person who sent me the info asap to find out how you ended up on that list.

    Again, my intention is NOT to put a bad name on innocent bloggers, I have had countless people ask me for a list of supporters. Give me an hour or so to find out why you ended up on this list. My sincerest apologies if you ended up on this list in error.

  11. Oh and @mamamichie, in the meantime I will remove your name until I find out why you were added.

  12. This list is terribly flawed and shows why creating a list is ridiculous. Several people on that list expressed disdain in the thread or did not comment at all. Very poor resource.

  13. Funny that this blog cannot make a list...but Trisha Haas can distribute IP's to be BLOCKED? Biased and yet a double standard again from the community.

  14. I'm sorry if you feel this list is flawed but until you set the record straight it stays.

  15. Actually she could have legal troubles on her hands if she's distributing IPs. Expectation of privacy.

  16. Good for standing up Nose Job. And you might as well start a list of blogs that do not support Mom Dot so the members here can Follow, Subscribe, Grab Button to those that are against Trisha's vile behavior and giving Mommy Bloggers a bad name.

  17. She has spread IP's because I was blocked from her site and a couple others that she knows. I went to one of her pal's sites and was blocked. I had never even been there before.

    This list was made to point out the hardcore supporters of trisha no matter what she does. They have all commented on her blog saying they are behind her no matter what. So even if she is wrong its ok since they back her? Not cool.

  18. I know for a fact that Sarah from Ohana Mama and Lori from A Cowboy's Wife both publicly disagreed and let Trisha know they disagreed in the forum.

  19. @mamamachie, has commmented on the other mean posts by Trisha, and she commented supporting Trisha being bullied. You can see through the comments ON ALL THE negative posts by Trisha.

    @mamamachie, you have Supported trisha no matter what. Have you not told her you will support no matter what, just like the others on that list?

    You will support her no matter what, even if she is lieing? In essence that makes u just as bad, cause you are telling her you condone her behavior and you will support it no matter. Will you also make lies no matter what to support her? Just asking.

    That is why peoeple feel not just those from the actual airport posts need to be on this list. Also if no one spoke up to get Trisha to pull down her airport post, I am sure you would have made your way to it.

    So first tried to change and alter it, then after she realized it was screenshoted, she removed it and made her content private. Nothing to hide, i think not. But I am sure you can explain shy she has done what she has, make sure your story is straight with the res though.

    The thing with the net is everything is record. So people really need to think before they speak. Not like in real life, where you can just say "i never said that." since no one had a tape recorder. On here, everyone can see for themselves its just about getting the message out to all, for them to decide for themselves.

  20. Yes, but they know whats going on and they support her cyber bully post, and also say they will stand behind her no matter what.

    Otherwise they are OK with what she does and they would let her do what she please. They have that right, but we also have the right to say enough is enough. Thanks

  21. Say I am a member of the forum.
    Say I don't support Trisha.
    Say I blasted her for the airport post.
    Say I have not and will not comment on her cyber bully post.
    Say I think it is bullshit.

    Am I still the bad guy because I am a member of a forum? Even if I don't support the administrator? Do you have suggestions of any other forums I can join?

    Serious questions, so please don't blast me.

  22. Ohana Mama, last Shread of Sanity, Maternal spark and A cowboys wife are just a few I can remember right now who left comments on the airport post DISAGREEING with what Trisha said. Kindly do as you said you would do and remove them.

    And the reason I am posting anonymously is the same reason MOST of you are, because I do not want any drama. I am simply passing on info to correct a mistake.

  23. @correct this list. I removed them. If that info is incorrect you guys please let me know

  24. Just cause some anonymous person comes on here and tell people what to do, is NEVER a reason to fix anything. Trisha won’t and you all won’t ask her to, but you continue to tell people what to do. Nobody is telling her what to do. I have seen her bully post and the other posts through Google cache (she cant delete it all) and those on that list up there have told her “they will stick by her no matter what she does.” She can pick on anyone, call anyone names, lie, be unethical, buy traffic, and who knows what else, but she wont stop people sharing the true side of momdot and some of its members. I haven’t even done much, which is nice this time. Remember when I said seomthing before when you kept talking crap about Kristin. You all teamed up against me to try and bully me out, and make people not like me cause you said. So I could care less about what you all want now, and I hope everyone sticks to their morals.

    Many have seen the comments left to Trisha supporting her ways, and there is no way around it. I myself have been bashed by several on that list, and I had never even talked to them. They said because trisha does not like me, they have every right to be mean to me. If those people agree with her that she has done nothing wrong, then I am sure they are proud to be on that list. According to all of them, this site is just rumors and lies. FACT IS, the info on here, is from trisha and her sites. Nothing is made up or forged. So I don’t see how she has been slandered or whatever she claims. And I still want to be emailed by her lawyers, along with everyone else she is threatened.

    I still want to see the lawyers and legal battle ensue. I have been threatened by several momdot members with police, hell one even said she has filed several reports on me, yet none of them have case numbers and I have never been called by ANYONE. Hmm, I think too many people lie over there, and it is getting old. We are all adults and they should have learned many many years ago that lying is not the way to get ahead. All it does it make things worse. Never use a lie to get out of a lie. When that first lie is proven false, then everything said after that cannot be taken serious. Remember chicken little. Yet she would probably make fun of chick little for being a small guy unlike his dad. Maybe its just me. I grew up with morals such as treating those how you want to be treated and not to make up lies. I am still waiting for momdot and her supporters to come out and start calling me a liar again. I think my last post was evidence that I don’t lie, and I can provide facts to back up my statements.

    And with what I have said on here, my evidence is what is on this site. There is more than enough.

    Since many have pointed the finger at me saying I am responsible for all this, all I say is that I was one of the first to take a stand, but I was not the last, and will not be the last. I didnt even care what she says on her blog. I just didnt like momdot members talking shit about Kristin. You could have done whatever you want, but you started to throw my name in, and continue to bash Kristin at Maybe next time you will all think a little harder before you start picking on people.

  25. Shan @ Shread of Sanity has always suported the tactics even to this day.

    Let me see if I can find the comments from them supporting Trisha. Hopefully they did not get deleted.

  26. And Mama Michie (aka Michaela), why did you make this post that everyone not on trisha side is the bully and we are all a bunch of lies. You are not avoiding the "drama" By you saying what you said, you just proved that you believe she has done nothing wrong, and it is everyone else.

    Add her back to the LIST.

  27. OK, I have posted on here, and I do not own this post. So have many others not under anon. One blogger who mentioned the airport post with no names had her blogger blog shut down from a large amount of people hitting her spam button (this can only be done on

    Also the owner of this blog said she will say who she is once trisha shows the court papers or some legal proof.

  28. @anon Thank you for posting that mamamichie link, she's been added back to the list.


    Also, I think it is safe to say that none of us like liars or bullies. So I guess we all agree on that. No one has lied here, so nice try AGAIN to discredit this blog. If you had nothing to do with trisha or anyone on here, I would be more accepting of your post on this issue.

    Oh ya, like you said yourself "I try to be a very honest person." Maybe you should not try and just be honest. I dont try and I am sure many out there dont either. When your honest, your honest. Maybe you should tell trisha "try to be ethical, even though you could care less, you run a mom blog, thiunk about it." But instead its "your right trisha, they are all liars and bullies. You blocked your site cause of copyright, not becaise you had anything to hide." I love that word TRY, maybe use if in a different context next time.

  30. Ohana Mama has supported Trisha from the start- yes, she initially said that she didn't agree with the airport post- but then she backtracked and said that it was Trisha's blog to do as she pleased. Personally, I see that as still supporting her and I will not support anyone whop continues to accept Trisha's nastiness.

  31. @ Anonymous you know there are forums with MomBloggersClub, Extraordinary Mothers, The Classy Closet, there are forums everywhere...but if you want a TMZ style forum...stay where you are at, otherwise feel free to peruse the other forums and their is the same for everyone...Just because your name is Trisha Haas doesn't mean the contacts you have are any more privileged. Seriously, does everyone think she is all that special to have special contacts? Like is the air she breathes any cleaner...wake up people.

  32. I signed up at The Classy Closet a while back. Jenn Hinton runs it very well. There are lots of bloggers on there that I really enjoy their blogs. That is one place you can go.

  33. I think momlogic and mombloggerclub is great...also twitter mom..

    and what MAC Mom said...the Classy Closet is great as well...its all in the name lol.

  34. Anon above Mrs. Fish

    I was the one that OhanaMama agreed with then back tracked on....I believe she said *ick* to my statement that putting that up there was a mistake.

  35. Jen Hinton from the Classy Closet is just as bad as Trisha but she hides it better. Watch your back when it comes to her. I know of a lot of people that she has thrown under the bus.

  36. You're right Christine- she said something like "Ick- I didn't say it was a mistake". So if she doesn't think that posting those pictures was a mistake she belongs on the list, at least in my opinion.

  37. well now I have done it...I was winning Iron Cupcake now I am knew that would happen.

    The one that is ahead of me is from bakers remix..

    *sigh* I guess I lose for having an opinion lol.

    I rather lose honestly than win by cheating.

    Too bad I really put alot of effort into my cupcake and the photograph. (yes I am taking a moment to be petty)

    I have had some people unsuscribe due to my opinion. Not such a loss then.

  38. Christine, Just so you know, I followed you the other day when you posted that (I also was the 1st to comment I think) and I just voted for you in the cupcake challenge! You aren't even behind by that much, only 6 vote difference.

  39. Christine: I just went and voted for you. I hope you win, your cupcake looks divine!
    See, this blog is not all bad. We are supporting each other, anonymously supporting each other but it is still support!

  40. I have been reading about this whole brouhaha for days and have only now decided to say something. For the record, I never saw the original post until Trisha went private. Then I googled and found this. And it makes me sad.

    I think what you are doing here is ridiculous. You are encouraging the very thing you are claiming to want to stop.

    She wrote a crummy post. Everyone who has a blog has likely posted SOMETHING at SOMETIME that has offended someone.

    At what point did it get decided that you and your groupies get to become judge and jury for what is right and wrong with the blogging community?

    You have given her so much attention that she will likely be on a TV show by next week. And in the process, you are defaming innocent people because of their opinions.

    I'd love to know your religious views. Actually, no, I am certain I'd be disappointed in your mightier than thou attitude.

    The fact is, she didn't name the girl. The likelihood of that girl ever stumbling across the photo is nil unless someone was malicious enough to point it out to her. And even if, the world isn't always a nice place.

    Sad as that may seem, we'd all be better served to use that post as an example of what or who not to be.

    People, if by some chance you get to this comment, Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, move on with your lives. Be better people because of this.

    When you come across a post you don't agree with, allow it to make yourselves better. Encourage kindness and acceptance. If it doesn't work, move on. Don't read her blog if you wish. Find a better one that offers messages you love.

    But making people feel bad for who they are is just as wrong as pointing out a child who is in need of a little exercise.

    Grow up. If this is the way you are behaving and the message you are sending to your children, they could easily be the BULLIES we are talking about next week. Because that is what you are becoming.

    You are not teaching LOVE, KINDNESS, HAPPINESS, JOY and ACCEPTANCE. You are teaching your kids to judge, discriminate, be rude and mean.

    Be better than that.

    Words to live by for today: Everything I do, I will do out of love.

    Is that what you are doing here?
    Then move on.

  41. *coughs* she has yet to appologize and I don't care if there is a slim chance of the girl finding out. WTF does that have to do with anything. She was point blank wrong and now claiming she is the victim. The reason why people are pissed is she was picking on an innocent. Who is going to speak against this if not us.

    You speak of love? Ba you speak of ignorance. Stand by and do nothing. Yup that's good..that's what we'll do.

    This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. look around the blog and you'll get one heck of an education and meet alot of wonderful people.

    ok rant done

    Thank you for voting guys!

    The reason why I wanted to win so badly was because I wanted to win the prizes for a bloggy friend who has been going through alot this year. She helped me through some very tough times.

    That is why I was sad. But I still don't regret stating my opinion.

    Thank you for the support you showed me on my blog too!

  42. I don't think she directly affected that girl AT ALL. If so, then by all means do something about it. But otherwise, the attention you all brought to it, is why, if ever, that girl will ever know.

    I agree is wasn't kind but really?, this isn't any better and no one inviting retaliation should be proud. It's a sad time for blogging.

    It isn't a good message, AT ALL!

    Her post would have faded away. If people were upset by it, they should have just quit reading. Riling up hatred is the wrong way to go about things.

    If a person needs to be convinced to leave then they likely didn't have the same issues with the post.

    It's all ugliness at it's finest.

  43. @ScottChrisCoriCassiCali How do you know? Do you know the girl? or her parents? Does it even matter if she directly affected this girl?

    If you're upset by this blog then YOU should quit reading it. It's certainly no worse than the countless blogs, forum posts, and tweets picking on people that she's guilty of.

  44. I commented because I really felt bad for some of the people being blacklisted. It's seemed so wrong, especially given the message you were claiming to promote. I can back because I was interested in whether or not it was created with the intention of malice or if something good would come of it. Reading the comments of your followers, it is clear that it is a place for those who are looking for a forum to pass judgment will gather. I continued today periodically because I know my comments are just and wanted to see how it would be spun, that your mission is too. Curiosity mostly kept me here but it is doubtful I would remain after these conversations because overall I think you (or your blog)is no better than the very thing that got you so upset in the first place.

    I am curious who got you so riled up over the post if you don't read blogs?

  45. ScottChrisCoriCassiCali: for someone that can careless about this and just happened to find this you sure as heck spent a long time reading through posts and commenting on here. Please you are trying to inject your two cents as well.
    Glad you feel that others should just move on. When someone (a complete stranger) posts a picture of your child on the internet just to ridicule how fat she is. Tell me that you would just move on. Forget about. Keep on reading. The chances of your child finding it are so slim so who cares. There are laws specifically designed to protect children and the internet for good reason. Posting a picture of a child in a thong is a fine line between child pornography and crudeness by a blogger. Just like cyber-bullying a teen on the internet even if you have no idea who this person is. A criminal case could be filed against Trisha for that posts. She better pray that family doesn't find that picture like you said. The internet is actually a smaller place than you think. Why do you think someone from Alaska like yourself ended up reading this post. I can guarantee you that Trisha's post was read by enough people representing every state of the US. Trust me. Some family member of the girl, a friend, a teacher, a coach, a neighbor. Anyone can stumble across it on the internet and that girl can have serious emotional psychological trauma from it. Nobody wants to be called FAT nontheless called FAT by a complete stranger and have others analyze if you are FAT, CHUNKY, Could lose some weight, healthy, plump. These Mothers should be ashamed of themselves. What do they go around and analyze everyone's child if they fit into their ideal of perfection.

  46. @ScottChrisCoriCassiCali Contrary to the blogger take on the world, there is a world out there much bigger than blogville. For example a thread on a board called online-sweepstakes had almost 30,000 views about this topic before the thread was pulled. Cyberbullying a teen is a much bigger issue than just dealing with the world of mommy bloggers.

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  49. Wow, what a nasty attitude. I say keep Andrea on the list for being nasty. Just another nasty copy and paste review blogger. Yeah, you fool no one!

    What about that Nose Job? What about the review bloggers that are scammers? Scamming everyone on the internet.

    Also has anyone else noticed how nice Trisha has been? So everyone feels sorry for her and this all blows over.

    I heard from another sponsor today that they won't be working with her on the other cyber bully Tanya of

    Glad to see sponsors are stepping up, and stepping OUT.

  50. Please remove my blog from this list.
    Moody Mama Says.

    I did not ever leave a comment stating that I support Trisha's post. I WAS a member of the forum but am no longer although some of the girls there are my friends. Thank you.