Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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Is Trisha Haas really that mean spirited?

This morning I came across the momdot blog and was pretty much mortified by what I saw. Trailer trash from Alabama basically skewering everyone and everything as if she were a maven of style and culture with her daughter thrown in from time to time as a footnote just to keep in the spirit of "mommy" blogging. Vogue,
watch out!

Anyone who looks to her mommy blog doesnt really find many parenting tips, or many cute colloquial stories about her parenting experiences...they essentially find a run of the mill parent, blogs about banal vacation destinations (Universal Studios, Medieval Times, The Biltmore, Disney, cruises), some good and some bad parenting skills (hey, we just went to the dentist, you have no cavities so here's a chocolate bar), coupled with what appears to be a small town girl drunk on the "fame" of her 3500 followers on twitter. Those 3500 followers are about half the population of the town in Alabama she lives in so no wonder she feels as if her opinion, and venom, are the end all be all. It's a bit like being a cheerleader in high school I suppose, in your microcosm of the world you are top of the heap but out in the real world you're just another high school kid working at McDonald's.

But what drove me to start this blog was Trisha Haas' recent airport photo montage post. After her disclaimer:

This is your fair warning that this post may piss you off if you are a sensitive whiny baby that doesn’t like a dose of reality that isn’t sugar coated in political correctness.

She goes on to post photos mocking people, one of a Hasidim in traditional garb for no other reason seemingly other than oh, he looks different and is wearing a funny hat. Fine, you live in a small town and probably aren't familiar with arugula either but if you visit New York or many other major metropolitan cities you'd see Hasidim quite frequently. Chalk that photo post up to ignorance and perhaps a little southern bigotry and let's move on.

Next up an older man (looks like he could possibly be former military) with a mohawk. She suggests it could be a midlife crisis, I suggest Mr. Mohawk has probably lived a more interesting life over the course of a week than she has in her entire life of being a mom in a city where the median income is a measly $33K a year. OK fine, it's the internet...make fun of people all you want, post photos of people you don't know without their knowledge or approval to make yourself feel less insecure.

However, here is where I drew the line. In this blog there are not one but two photos of girls who appear to be minors. Fortunately one is blurry and Trisha quips:

Miley Wannabe *i know you cant tell, but these boots have fringe on them. Yikes!*

Now considering this is coming from a woman who has a photo of herself posted on her twitter in a black dress that appears to have a white seafood bib tucked in as a collar I'd suggest she has little room to judge anyone's fashion choices. I mean really, she'd be laughed out of any decent establishment in Paris, except maybe Maison Prunier where they'd probably still snicker a little but at least assume she came prepared for a lobster dinner.

Even further beyond the pale is a very clear photo of a girl who appears to be a mere 15 or 16 years old, a minor, with this caption:

BUT THIS ONE gets to me. This girl is approximately 15.

She could in fact be younger.

She has braces, chubby face, blah blah, but she is FAT. Why are kids this overweight? It’s not like she has birthed four kids.

WTF is the excuse for this?

If someone responds and tells me she has a thyroid problem, Im going to hurl on myself.

This girl needs to lay off the ho-ho’s before she ends up on someones blog…


too late.

OK Trisha, as a parent I'm sure you'd be not only mortified but angry if someone took a photo of your daughter, posted it online without your permission or knowledge, and criticized her chubby arms and face. I would imagine that anger would be compounded if it was suggested that perhaps she took after her mom who was recently told by her doctor she could stand to lose a few pounds herself. Honestly though, how it got to the point where a doctor needed to tell her that I don't's clear from photos that second chin appears to be drooping down and those flabby arms could stand a break from the visits to culinary class...just sayin'.

I will admit, the momdot founder and blogger is right about one thing though (from Trisha's twitter):

No one likes me more than I like myself.

Well ain't that the truth?

The post that inspired this blog can be found here:


  1. That sounds good.

    Oh dont forget how she made fun of a little girl wearing thong underwear and bragged that perverts search for that kind of material on the internet.

    That is not an ethical way to get traffic. But she is a "mommy blogger" according to some on here, so that makes it OK.

    You all need to start to realize that you are the only ones who are going to set the tome for mommy bloggers. Letting trash like momdot come around and tarnish your sad.

  2. Please everyone take two minutes and contact her sponsors I am sure they have no clue how cruel she really is........

  3. Well goodness really is true. Trisha Haas...still justifying acting like a smug little twit. I hadn't witnessed her acts of ridiculousness in a couple of years.

    One would think that a mother who endured comment after comment after comment (by her own admission) of her own child's weight for the first few years of her life would be a little more compassionate. One would think that someone who would moan about the "fat gene" that ran in her family would be a bit more open minded. would think.

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  5. Sorry about that..

    didn't she say that having to lose 5 lbs was as bad I mean no..worse then having cancer.

  6. You dont know the new trisha. She is about traffic. Her game is to get a lot of followers so she can try and sell the memberships to her forum, get her member's PR contacts, and get paid off of CPM. She then says that a benefit to joining her forum is you get access to sloppy second PR contacts. just to let people know, PR companies change what brands they work with and vice-versa. So a PR contact for a item may be good one week and they may not work with someone the next week. I know their is more, but things clowly come to the surface...give it time.

    Shit I never heard of the ebay buying traffic thing.

    Also many momdot people say this is my other site. Just to let you all know, I have a lot of crap on my site of how I think about trasha and her pal tanya gordon. If I made this whole blog, I wold post it on my site for the damn traffic...

    Anyways, I think this site is funny but also makes some very valid points.

  7. What a great Thanksgiving read this is...too funny! Thanks for the laugh, whoever you are.

    Wow, first she pissed off the forum world and now she's pissing off bloggers. Good job Trisha, you are well on your way to being the most hated person on the internet. You always wanted to be famous, there ya go. I just don't know how she finds the time to make such a reputation for herrself and still be the stellar mom and wife she always brags about being. Classy as always!