Saturday, November 28, 2009

Throwing down the gauntlet.

Trisha is about as predictable as a clock. I figured her pride and ego would not allow her to remove the offensive post and apologize. I also knew that there were enough offensive other posts that could be potentially damaging if seen by her sponsors. Knowing that there is a campaign contacting her sponsors, I was trying to figure out how she would remove the offensive posts while still saving face. However, I have to admit I didn't figure she was so over the top that she'd claim a fake death threat to do it. From

MomDot has always been a blog that helps bloggers, companies, and each other. We are also known for controversial subjects. Up until recently, the community has been able to withstand critics. All things considered, the majority of our visitors are quite mature, whether they agree or not.

But this week I have personally received death threats and some of the forum members are receiving threats of assault and more for just belonging to this group.

Its a big world.

We are not out there forcing our opinions on anyone. You have to either show up or subscribe to read, which of course is an optional decision. This is one blog in a sea of millions that create content that others don’t agree with and also one of the smaller blogs on the net regarding controversy. Let me remind you that the opinion that we are “mean” over “controversial” depends on which side you are on. If you are on the side that agrees with the material, its controversial. If you play defense, its “mean”. Either way its our right to run this blog how we see fit and produce “mean” content.

For now, in an effort to protect my family from being killed, or threatened to be killed, over freedom of speech, my family posts and videos will be private from this point on. Which is actually kinda awesome because there have been many subjects I haven’t touched before and now I will feel more comfortable branching out.

General readers will still have access to a good majority of free content, but if you are an avid reader/commenter and would like a FREE upgrade to Member Status or you advertise momdot on your blog (like in a banner), please check this page to find out if you qualify to view our private posts. We want you to continue reading and will work with you if you have been a part of us.

Make sure you register for a FREE membership before filling out the upgrade info.

All other visitors will need to upgrade by a paid subscription. If you are going to harass us, you can now pay for my house security system.


P.S. Suck it.

So, I am throwing down the gauntlet on this. Death threats are VERY serious. If I, or my family were threatened, the first thing I would do is not write a blog but call the police. But again, I am 99.9% certain that her claims of death threats are just an excuse to hide posts that would be offensive to sponsors without losing face. So I offer Trisha a challenge, if she provides a police report or a report number showing that she has in fact reported these threats to the authorities, I will reveal my identity. That simple. However, I'd like to make a couple of points:

1. Filing a false police report in Alabama is illegal, you can reference Alabama title 13A-10-9 False Reporting to Law Enforcement Authorities. Under 13A-10-9 the penalty is up to a year in jail. So Trisha, if you file a false report and don't have the emails or phone records to back it up you could go to jail.

2. She could also make up a police report and/or report number but I could (and plan to so that I can verify) order a copy of the report. Would be very simple to prove it a fake report.

3. I might also consider a receipt for you getting your security system installed as proof but again, I am almost 100% certain you aren't getting one. Haven't you claimed you've gotten death threats in the past? So why didn't you have a security system prior to this? Or were those not really death threats, just calls from telemarketers?

So Trisha, it's pretty much win/win for me. I'm not a blogger so I have nothing to lose.

PS: Suck it.


  1. One would think that someone who had a "criminology" degree would understand the confines and boundaries of the law....oh that requires intelligence and common sense. Which to most...common sense is a learned skill....hence I use MOST lightly. I would so be entertained to see if she could produce a police report...however...status quo says NO. She's full of shit and those around her KNOW IT! They are too afraid to say otherwise....EWE weak people.

  2. So today I was banned from MomDot for leaving the following comment on Trisha's "poor me" post:

    "Okay, seriously? You’ve somehow managed to turn this whole Airport People fiasco around to make it seem as though YOU’RE the victim? Seems to me like you’re having some difficulty owning the ugly things you said (complete with pictures of unsuspecting people doing nothing but minding their own business – including that “fat” girl who, according to you, has no excuse for her weight and apparently should never step out in public again for fear of offending thinner, more perfect citizens like yourself).

    I’m appalled that, not only are you NOT posting a public apology for mocking these people, you actually have the gall to say that you’ve password-protected the entry and will no longer be sharing “personal” posts with the general public. I guess it’s easier to be “controversial” when the only people reading your dribble are the ones who are more likely to agree with you. You seem to have forgotten one little thing – “controversy” means putting up subject matter that gives people a chance to discuss and debate their points of view. There’s nothing controversial about mocking unsuspecting parties who have done you no harm – that’s just being petty and toxic.

    Unfortunately for you, the World Wide Web is a big place – and there is nothing you can say online that can ever be unsaid. There is proof of your ugliness out there, and no amount of cowardice and password-protection can keep others from exposing you for the hideous person you truly are."

    To be honest, I didn't think my comment was any worse than the shit she posts on her blog on a normal basis, but somehow I still ended up gettin' the old ban-hammer. I'm now convinced of one thing, though: it's not that Trisha has a legion of supporters who agree with her; it's the fact that any comment that attempts to expose her on MomDot will never see the light of day.

    Oh well. At least SOME of us know who she REALLY is... and pretty soon her sponsors will too. ;P

  3. @Lis. Wow! Great post! Not surprised you were banned, if you don't follow her blindly then you're not welcome there. It's very very important that people write to the sponsors and PR agencies. Again, seeing as how she will not own her actions or mistakes sponsors pulling out might.

    It's wrong to cyber-bully, very wrong, and sponsors pulling out may in fact teach her that as apparently the outcry from the rest of us has only made her dig in more.

  4. I want to know how new PR and companies will know about her posts and see what type of blog she has if everything is password protected. All the PR I've worked have checked my blog out and read my personal posts to get to know me so they could know I was a good fit for their products.

    She's just screwing herself in the end of all this...she's putting her own site in jeopardy by pulling these stunts. If she is so successful and makes money off of it, I would be more careful of what I do and say. She's digging her own blog grave here. Thank GOD, good riddance!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Hey Blog Admin, I started making a list of those other blog owners that are supporting her fake "death threats" Frankly, I see their cult following as the apples don't fall far from the tree. Please make a post about this blog supporters to others will be aware of them and stay away from their blogs and give them ad revenue when they are probably fixing their giveaways as well.

  7. @TheCrapBlogDetective, I don't support putting out that much personal information on the blogger but she obviously hasn't updated her whois information. The laws of Alabama apply because that is where she currently lives even though she has out of date whois.

  8. @MACmom, on my list to do before weekend's end. I have a LOT of screen shots I need to go through before putting together a comprehensive list.

  9. Isn't Trisha selling her house? she let everyone know so much info that you can actually finf her listing. why on earth wouls someone install an alarm system in a home they are selling?

    just saying...

  10. sorry baby is here trying to type for me

  11. HAHA...why doesnt she just give up the "mommy" blogger facade and just make her blog about herself.

    My problem with her is she keeps using this "mommy" title to work for her, and now a bunch of "mommies" are mad at her for not being a fair and decent person.

    Her website is momdot. She brags its for moms, but she fills it wil filth. She named it momdot with the sole intention of use the mom title to lure people in. Now its all about her...and her members and supporters are moms...and thats it.

    She should call it trisha dot and make about being a mean woman who says what she wants when she wants. They could say all they want, because we would already know that her site was geared for that (<- perfct disclosure, not I want to be mean now so this is my non-PC blog post, give me attention and traffic now.)

    I wouldnt read it cause only mean woman would go to her site. But she uses momdot to attack people and her forums to try and ruin people. PERFECT DISCOLURES.

    Instead its I am a mean-ass "mom" who says whatever I want about anyone, but at the same time I am perfect to represent family brands... I dont think so.

  12. I understand the comment deletion (especially with the content of this post), and I wish you the best of luck in ruining and humiliating these odious people.

  13. Also if anyone wants to know, @typeamom asked trisha to speak at a conference on controversy, so maybe that is where trisha's head and ego got over-inflated. She thinks she is controversy queen.

    Again, she is using her "mommy" blogger status to get ahead. She needs to drop that title...a mommy blogger should not be going arund picking on others

    Mom blogger now, hate monger...I can see that.

    Contact typeamom and ask why she thinks trisha was a person of choice to speak on behalf of moms...

  14. @TheCrapBlogDetective Do enjoy your travels and tribulations through the world of mommy bloggers. Odious indeed! Thanks for visiting.

  15. "To be honest, I didn't think my comment was any worse than the shit she posts on her blog on a normal basis, but somehow I still ended up gettin' the old ban-hammer. I'm now convinced of one thing, though: it's not that Trisha has a legion of supporters who agree with her; it's the fact that any comment that attempts to expose her on MomDot will never see the light of day."

    I thought people knew this. I guess months back when problems of how she acted came up and her deleting comments, was OK to some...I dont think so...not if you want to be in the middle of mom bloggers be taking their opportunities and selling them contacts they should be able to get for free...(parent bloggers)

  16. Ha, good challenge.

    She probably won't do it. I certainly would be angry if there were death threats against her; but I have no reason to believe there are.

    I'm a bit perplexed...she can post cell phone pics of random people and other pics of her bewbies with her middle finger being a nipple shield...but she can't post a screenshot or copy of the "death threat"?

  17. Now I left a comment on the death threat page. I missed the page of the making fun of a child. By the time I heard about it (after I made a comment on her blog about death threats not being right and everyone has their own opinion) I had already left a comment. I thought the death threats were for something different. I had no clue she was that mean to make fun of little girls. I have an 11 year old and would not want that happening to her. I wish I would investigated her more to see why she was saying these things. I was even following people on twitter who, after I backtracked, found that they were chatting about that. I had no clue. I didn't go on her post alot so I really didn't know how she was. I just visited every so often. I love to read blogs and read hers every once in awhile. I left my first comment on there and it just happened to be the wrong post to comment on. Although I was innocent and thought that the threats were for something else, I tried to take the comment off but I can't remove it. I will be more careful where I leave comments from now on.

  18. @makeetis Thanks for writing, I really appreciate it. I think many of us are aware that some moddot visitors/members aren't aware of the post that spurred this on especially now that Trisha has password protected it. The important thing is you are aware of it now and have the moral decency to know why it's wrong to post photos of minors mocking them.

  19. I finally saw the post on the airport people and was shocked.

    How can a mother do that to someone else child!