Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Post #2

Is MomDot padding their web traffic?

In trying to seek out more information on momdot and Trisha Haas I came across her Bambina Ballerina ebay listings. I noticed feedback left for her as a buyer from a company called back in February of this year. What does do you ask?

Quite simply, based on what their ebay listings are for a mere $42.00 they guarantee 100,000 visits to your web site. Now, considering how courted bloggers are by big corporations why would you need/want to fluff your numbers by paying for fake traffic? Quite simply you want free stuff and you want to generate money from ad traffic. Corporations want to see traffic through your blog before they start doling out their free goods and if you are only getting a few hundred or few thousand visits per month what a simple way to pad your traffic and guarantee you end up on the top bloggers lists.

Now the evidence is circumstantial but seems pretty clear to me that if you're buying from you are desperate for internet traffic. Interesting turn of events considering ModDot's so called ethical blogger policy.

Links below:

Bambina Ballerina Feedback as an Ebay buyer


  1. yes, i bought traffic. Not for momdot, for bambina to have some directed web visitors. Thanks for caring!

    I hope you feel better~

  2. Sure you did Trisha, I can check up on that quite easily with your permission.

    Hope you're feeling better too, especially considering you seem to have quite a few problems with your mouth.

  3. I was wondering how that ebay account was hers but when you click on the little "me" logo next to her ebay sales/buys, it sends you to She changed her ebay from hassiegirl to gdsmaryia...cover up?