Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just for clarification.

Apparently the ever so cliquey group of lemmings from the conclave of followers seem to have a few issues/misconceptions about me and my purpose for starting this blog.

First and foremost, I am not a blogger. I have nothing to do with mommy blogs, blogging, etc. I am a member of a few message boards but seeing as how I'm not a mother or a blogger (or a father for that matter) sorry, I have nothing to do with your world. What's really astonishing to me though is that you vapid twits can't grasp that people who have a soul and a conscious have issue with the post that inspired this blog. It is wrong to post a photo of a minor and mock her in the way Trisha did, period. So for you idiots not to grasp why people outside of your microcosm of "mommy blogging" have issue with this it shows how completely clique-ish and out of touch with parenting you and your pals are. By the way, I really don't like cliques either.

Number 2: There are quite a few calls for me to reveal my identity...why? Revealing my identity would mean zero to you. You wouldn't recognize my name, you wouldn't find my blog because I don't have one but googling my name you'd find my myspace, my facebook, and that's pretty much it. Both my myspace and facebook are private so you wouldn't get very far with that. I have zero vested interest in the blogging community so I don't care if I piss off the clique. You ask me to reveal my identity but I ask you why the hell would you put so much of your own personal information online? That's either just plain stupid or narcissistic or a little bit of both. The way some of you people blog it's like you're trying out for a reality tv show while at the same time doing your own commercials.

Number 3: Apparently, based on twitter, you guys think I'm either DelTheDad or aordinarylife. I can't really say anything to that other than no I'm not. I've never heard the names/blogs DelTheDad or aordinarylife until yesterday however, I am getting a pretty fast crash course in the world of mommy blogging and what I am seeing from a prominent minority of you is a bitter, nasty, unethical bunch who are more interested in circling the wagons and protecting their own (and their freebies) rather than accepting that one of their fellow bloggers made a huge mistake by posting a photo of a 15 year old and mocking her.

Number 4: Trisha's post mocking the people in the airport was shitty, but after I cruised her blog I found countless examples of that sort of shittyness. Had I found a blogger that simply made a mistake, a one time event, I wouldn't have created this blog. Instead I found a pattern of mean spirited posts from her and her sycophantic crew, I then chose to speak out as I saw so many post actually defending this high school trash. Defending her posts as obesity awareness? So what grand and noble cause were the other 3 photos raising awareness for?

Number 5: I also see a pattern of you momdotters going on and on about how I and others are jealous. Jealous of what? What a joke. Jealous of your free diapers? Jealous of having to pimp my family out online to get free ham and potatoes at a Sam's Club tasting?
Jealous of being a slave to a blog and sharing every single minutia of my life with a bunch of strangers? There is nothing to be jealous of, I can assure you I have a much more interesting and fulfilling life than the whole lot of you. If I wanted to post mean-spirited photos of 15 year olds then buy 100K visits on ebay from to fluff up some blog stats to get free canned Hormel luncheon meat I would, as astonishing as it may seem to those of you relishing in that sort of life, I have no interest in it.

And finally, this blog will go on, nitpicking Trisha Haas and the clique of bloggers until either I get bored (however after looking at her and other blogs it looks like I have tons of material to work with) or Trisha removes the offensive post, publicly apologizes, and sets an example for her minions by admitting her mistake AND acknowledging why it is wrong to post uncensored photos of minors (it would also be nice if she just stopped mocking anyone that doesnt look like they're from Shitstick, Alabama). By the way, besides not liking cliques I don't like mean cliques even more.

Sorry bloggers, the bottom line is I don't blog, I don't write reviews, I don't get free diapers from companies in exchange for reviews so I don't give a shit about pissing any of you shallow cliquey twits off.


  1. Amen! That is the point of a blog right? A Weblog of writings? ;)

    HA HA on the trying out for reality TV, I have to say I voice quite a bit, but NEVER NEVER too personal. My life and my kids are ours, I would never jeopardize that integrity as others might.

  2. No this is not me...I dont have the time, but I will chime it ALWAYS...

    I am gald I am not having to be the one defending the good here.

    Thanks @momdotsucks, whomever you are. momdot can say they think we are each other, but all it will do is drive them up the wall...haha

  3. you are very well versed I must say.

    also..i am a food blogger/mommyish all blogs are like this believe me. not all of us are after the reviews..some are here for community..

    i for one live in shitstick, nowhere lol

    keep on going...i think what you are writing is the truth