Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspired? Perhaps...

THIS ONE gets to me. This woman is approximately 31.

She could in fact be older.

She has a false yellowed tooth, yellowed teeth, blah blah, but she has nasty teeth and gums. Why are adults letting their teeth get THIS nasty? It’s not like she can't buy toothpaste.

WTF is the excuse for this?

If someone responds and tells me she has a genetic problem, Im going to hurl on myself.

This girl needs to lay off the ho-ho’s before she ends up on someones blog…


too late.

From a 1-800 contest in which Trisha is a contestant:

Link here with quotes below:

Trisha Haas' entry

Trisha H - Theodore, Alabama

How does your smile make you feel now?

While I am blessed to have most of my teeth in my mouth, I can't say that it will be like that forever unless I get real help. I don't want to be someone that has dentures or has to put implants in. I want to develop and fix the problems, once and for all, and be able to stop covering up who I am. I want the outside to match the inside - a happy person.

Sweetie, the outside DOES match the inside. Ugly posts about children you deem fat and others you feel it's appropriate to mock. What's your excuse? How did you let your teeth get so damn nasty? Can you not afford toothpaste? Do you brush your teeth with your finger? You blame braces for your receding gums and stains? If you had brushed your teeth you wouldn't have infected gums or brown teeth. Braces don't cause your nasty, infected, receding gums, lack of care does. And you mock other people when your teeth are so foul? I'd be stunned if your husband still kisses you with an open mouth? Three filings in your front teeth alone??? Yeah, that's not genetic...that's just foul hygene.

What is the first thing you plan to do once you have your beautiful smile?

Buy red lipstick!! I can't wear it because it accentuates the yellow in my teeth even MORE! Get family photos with my daughter and husband - both whom have perfect teeth.

Honey, the first thing you should do is buy some new clothes. Really, dressed like Madonna circa 1986 to enter a contest? You're a good 20 years out of style.


  1., and I thought I was funny.

    I am sure that was a thought running through one of her little followers heads..."If someone responds and tells me she has a genetic problem, Im going to hurl on myself."

  2. LMAO!!! I love know she could do porn...she has that ugly enough face in dim lighting...prolly any old horse would fuck that!

  3. Okay...Del...who is behind this because its poetic...truly poetic! I have so much I would love to add to this Karma masterpiece!

  4. You can call her a "butter face" for porn?

    Everything else would be OK for the video "but-her" face...haha

  5. I think what she did was very wrong but honestly to me this is up there to. Two wrongs never make a right and bullying in any form is wrong in my eyes. (Though really I should hush because I certainly don't want any drama directed my way) Just saying...

  6. I had braces 2 years ago, and braces DO NOT cause any of the problems that she has commented on. The only way that your teeth get that bad is VERY POOR dental hygene

  7. I disagree that this cannot be caused by braces. I have very good dental hygiene and still, because of both braces and genetics have terrible teeth. I too have many fillings in the front and especially where the brackets were, all of those teeth required pulling. Though I don't disagree about the cruelness of Trisha's blog in regards to pictures of people and their personal appearance, it is rather hypocritical to do the same.. especially in regards to something that she has no control over- her health.

  8. yes. lay off the hohos lady and brush and floss regularly. If you do that then you should be much better...unless of course she has a "genetic problem"... ;)

  9. thanks for sharing!

  10. You are a filthy, worthless human being who preys on others. I hope that at some point, you will look back on this time in your life with regret and remorse. You are everything you hate, and more about Trisha. Atleast she had the decency to delete the blog "that started it all" You not only continue to perpetuate that, you are unable to understand that people make mistakes, and move on. Furthermore, you have taken harassment to an entirely new level by attacking her physical features. You are the problem with the world, not Trisha.