Saturday, November 28, 2009

What are you, a rookie? Part 2

Part 1 of this post is the next entry down

A second comment left by Trisha at the DigitalMommy blog:

And to add to this (Sorry I hit send too soon!), I dont believe the threats are serious, but that doesn't mean I have to subject my content to copyright thieves right now or leave any more blog fodder for people who wont leave me alone. And at the same time, who's to say they are *not* serious, so I am taking baby steps.

Its a temporary solution that will allow me to formulate a long term plan that will not include leaving my blog or terminating my writing and keep my personal family photos and stories out of the limelight until I have made those decisions.

While an entertaining solution, its also quite obnoxious to have to individually approve people I have discussions with daily.

And hey, if people buy along the way, its total win/win.


I'm about to lay a two-fer down to illustrate exactly why this post reeks of rookie blogger, focusing on this statement:

that doesn't mean I have to subject my content to copyright thieves right now

First, please google "Fair Use" and get back to me about your copyright. Next visit the Wiki entry for "Streisand Effect" and get back to me about the countless views of that imageshack link of your mean spirited post about the scary "airport people" has already received.

So first the excuse is you have to password protect these posts because of death threats, now it's a copyright issue. The truth of the matter is you don't want sponsors to see those posts. This is now your 2nd excuse for password protecting these posts. I have news for you, I have a mailbox FULL of screen shots of mean spirited posts that have been sent to me from almost a dozen bloggers. Guess what? You've got moles with passwords too.

No one has taken your personal family photos and stories and posted them anywhere, actually they are the few posts in your blog in which you might seem like you have a slight glimmer of a soul. The issue is taken with your very mean spirited posts of strangers complete with unauthorized photos. However, I am curious. Suddenly YOUR family photos are off limits while you posting photos of other people's families is not? Tsk, Tsk.

An "entertaining" solution? To death threats? Really? So wait, I'm confused. Do you need to buy a security system for all of those threats that you yourself claim:

I dont believe the threats are serious

They are were serious enough for you to write a post about all the ones you claim to be getting, lock down your site, and ramble on about buying a security system but not serious enough that they could wait to be reported to authorities on Monday? Or wait, is it your copyright that you are worried about? Man, I can't keep it all straight!

Let me know when you have that report number.


  1. I wonder what her response to this would be.

  2. Sounds to me like someone stepped on their strap-on and or is trying to dig out of a really big hole.....popping popcorn for more drama. Thanks for the update...LOL

  3. LMAO at her responses. I would pay to watch her march up to the police station on Monday and say "Officer, I received death threats on Friday, but I was to busy Vlogging to make it up to the police station til today" I can't believe her cult followers did not tell her to go as fast as you can to the police station. Instead they applauded her for "beefing up security" on her. What's next she's going to demand her followers pay for a personal security guard to sit next to her while she types away at the computer.

  4. Even if she did get death threats (and we all know she didn't) she probably wouldn't be inclined to report them if it involved leaving her house and getting her lazy ass out of the computer chair. She has no REAL life, no friends outside of the fantasy world she's created in her computer screen. I would actually kind of feel sorry for her....if I didn't know first hand what a vile person she really is.

  5. Hey Karie, thanks for understanding a better meaning for the term "drama."

    Yes when people make up stuff to cause a problem that is Drama.

    Peple standing up for what is right after seeingn fact after fact, are NOT out to start DRAMA.

    Anyone who says those who saw the facts and stood up are causing drama, is DRAMA themselves.

    Thats it, pretty easy...gangsta.

  6. are awesome. Couldn't have been said better!

    That is all lol.

  7. please tell me you're posting the rest of those screen shots too! the sponsors want the proof! I've spoken to a few this morning, and they're asking for links, etc... I've already sent the post of the photos..
    I'm looking for big proof for Sam's Club. I wrote to them when they first announced their mom bloggers, warning them about working with momdot and her cronies... and now I can tell them I told you so..

  8. The screen shots are on the Open Thread in a few comments. I suggest Nose Job you make a separate posts for the screenshots of Airpost People and Thong post. IMO, they are just as evil and vile and Sam's needs to know this.

  9. heres some google cached things on momdot and wwalmart