Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Momdot post debunked

Momdot claims the following here:

Momdot post re: website traffic

She claims:

Yes, in Feb 2009 I did purchase traffic. But not for momdot.

In fact, here is momdots traffic for Feb. You can tell it didn’t go up till this summer right about the blackout and we got like insane advertising throughout the country. In fact, it appears to have gone DOWN in feb.


I am an owner of a boutique and right after Christmas it got super slow last year and I bought some web traffic to go towards my boutique. Simply put, people don’t purchase from like Jan-Feb and it was my sole income.

Yet Alexa shows a completely different story and shows her traffic spike of over 50% shortly after purchasing WebVisitorsNow (pull the yearly stats):

Alexa analysis of

While the traffic to remained completely stagnant.

Alexa analysis of


  1. you dumbass. Its not from private stats, it from public compete. Do your homework. . You have zero idea how alexa works. Alexa is based on TOOL BARS, not actual traffic. I just happened to figure that out. Compete is traffic.

    You can post all you want about me. Im not quitting being a blogger and I am not going to defend your idiotic posts anymore.

    You think this is NEW? Ha. Im a PRO at haters.

  2. Well all you have to do is go to Google and type "buy traffic." You can buy it from many places.

    Alexa just looks for incoming links and traffic numbers. It does not count if the traffic is legitimate (which companies need if they want REAL buyers), so there is nothing really wrong with buying traffic. Obviusly PR people should read and look into people and not just stats, but this is something I am sure many do. Thats why Trisha doesnt have too much going on. She throws around "look at my stats." WHO CARES.

    Not too ethical, but too each their own.

    Trisha your a joke. Your goal is TRAFFIC. You try and get it however. Buying it, starting problems, no shame in your little game. Anyways, look at yourself. Your hygeiene and yourself character. More and more people are coming on to you.

    Also I had nothing to do with this site, before all of the momdot'rs start coming to conclusions...but think what you all want. I really could care less.

    I think this site is funny...HAHA

  3. HA HA....does she seek this stuff out all day? I mean really? Looking for people that bash sad. Her poor daughter must feel so inferior to know that her vagina delivery vehicle (aka Mom) spends so many hours a day worrying about what others say. Especially when it is negative about hate the haters but you do it yourself pathetic. Man...she must really have a poor self-esteem to search this shit out. HA HA Whatevs...I think this blog is highly entertaining and down right comedic!

  4. Also I remember on a post of hers that Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish's sister was trying to win, trisha mentioned "no using black hat seo methods" to win the giveaway. They use it for traffic and getting vote counts up in contests.

    I am sure many momdot forum members use this probably, that is why they have a private forum and they stand up for one another no matter what. No shame. Gotta get that traffic up to get PR companies and companies like mom central maybe others say "these bloggers have big stats, so they have influence and brands should work with them." Screw the honest ones...bullshit, you be honest and have some ethics, you should succeed...this is not CAPITALISM of the net.

    I admit consumers should be free, but when bloggers try and rig shit in their favor, they go against this...ahem FTC disclosures.

    I had never even heard of black hat SEO, then I looked it up. It would all compliment this alexa facts. Using these methods can/will cause MASSIVE spikes in your alexa trick the system, then they catch on, change your method to reduce getting caught or some shit.

    trisha would be able to better explain it.

  5. I just now found this site, after reading that hideous post she made yesterday...awful, just plain awful.

    Anyways, she is so about traffic, and I bet (well I hope) now that all this crap is out...the PR who have worked with her or were planning on working with her, won't care about the traffic, they should care about the CONTENT of the blog. It's not a mommy blog, its a bashing, insulting blog. Nothing mommy about it.

  6. Momdot seems to have some questionable practices. Some of the people on the forums have their own agenda.

  7. Nowadays is very common to see internet advertising everywhere on the net, so I think that if you wanted to raise your income, You should have done something wiser that just wait.

  8. You are absolutely disgraceful. I hope like Hell that you don't have offspring that you are warping into little bigoted hateful people such as yourselves.