Friday, November 27, 2009

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I was directed to this thread by one of the "white hat" bloggers on the right side of this issue and there is a pretty amazing thread from the sweeping community who all seem appalled by Trisha Haas' blog.

The whole thread can be found here:


However, two comments really stood out:

Originally Posted by lonestargoodies
Would you move on or would you continue talking about it for days? I don't like to dwell on negative things. If something really has a negative effect on me then I move on.

Response from
I think everybody is just trying to stop momdot from having a negative effect on humanity.

Ok, the response is brilliant!

But this one really hit a nerve:

Originally Posted by lizdehart
Trisha Hass won $10,000 for charity. Why?

By caring what kids think about themselves.

Health Esteem, Self-esteem Program – iNGENIOUS LeadHer: Trisha Haas, MomDot; contributor, Stefanie- Bloggymommy3 Our visitors strongly believe that their children are lacking major self esteems issues. Not only in their personal households, but in life in general.
Because making kids feel good about themselves by berating them is the right thing to do.

Self esteem and Health Esteem comes from three major sources: 1) Family 2) Friend and Educational Influences 3) Media (tv, internet, magazines)
A blog is media. Hmmmm......

The site would also have positive articles about extracurricular activities, eating right, and problem solving for kids from every age. There would also be a panel of children, to rotate out every quarter, that helped speak with children directly about situations they had in their lives, much like a virtual big sister and big brother program. As part of the site, we would like to see some positive education aimed at parents as well so they can raise more positive children.
Unlike Trisha's own website: "This girl needs to lay of the ho-ho's before she ends up one someones blog..... Oh. Too late."

iRobot, I am sure you have a social media coordinator and I'll bet you have a google alert set up for iRobot so I am guessing at some point you'll see this blog. How is it possible you let a woman who has now posted 3 different photos of minors mocking and criticizing them win a LeadHer contest for promoting self-esteem in children while at the same time posting trash like this:

Screen shot of's post mocking a 15 yr old

iRobot, you'll be getting an email from me soon.


  1. I'm appalled at this "adult" woman acting no better that jr high school bully.

  2. Hey we all need to leave a comment...

    That is one way momdot knows how to work the system to get your page up in ranking...

    Pretty soon this blog will appear under a search for momdot...

  3. I am just sickened by this. No adult with a child would due what she did with a clear head on her shoulders. I have been following this story and its just crazy. As a voice for children ( Cyber bulling is uncalled for and can lead to worse things. Does she not see that we are all speaking up for the girl who is in that picture? That child has NO VOICE now because she took it away by posting that photo, her age and degrading her infront of millions.
    I understand her wanting to protect her own family now but how does she think the family of that girl feels??
    Thank you for posting this blog and speaking out. Your helping others have a stronger stand as well.

  4. Also her verbal tirade of the F word on a Youtube on her blog is a disguating display. Also her saying that hearing her Dr say she needs to lose 5 points (which I personally doubt ever happened. I think she was weighed at her appt and she saw she had gained and being obsessed with her weight doesn't SAYS the Dr told her) That needing to lose 5 pounds is WORSE than being told you have cancer!! I wish my beautiful mama would only have been told she needed to lose 5 pounds!

  5. have to say...those are some great responses...and true...

    ouch..she is eating her own words.